The mad ramblings of Alexis

Welcome, my ramers, here i record most of the creative stuff that i do when i get bored. Amazing artist Arne Jansson was my main inspiration to create a website in which i show to the world most of my creative work, including the random ramblings i often write and artwork. I love the ugly 90s website aesthetic and im not that interested in learning advanced web development, so that explains why the site looks like this, it also allows me to avoid paying hosting services. Be sure to check out my friend Jorge's fellow autism shrine.

I do wanna say, my mother tongue is spanish, so if my english is broken af sometimes, im sorry. Im sure you will be fine though.

Below you can find my stuff. These categories are not mutually exclusive, but i assort a project on its predominant category.


Misc. writings

The Cosmonomicon

Videogame stuff

  • Real-time VFX
  • Pillars of Trascendence

The Art Compendium

  • The fundamentals
  • The importance of workflow
  • Styling repository
  • Video study notes
  • Textures


  • Resources

Other TTRPG stuff

My socials!

I dont have many socials, but here are the main ones.

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Dont waste your time or time will waste you...

It is time...

This is not a real person.