Mythscribe art.

Hey! here you will find the dump for info and artwork pieces i did for my own TTRPG game, Mythscribe.


Front and back cover art

Preliminary notes

For this piece im thinking something nice and dramatic, definitely chiaroscuro. I want very bright fantastic colors similar to the ones in the art of Ismail Inceoglu or Nathan Fowkes. Heavy inspiration from compositions by artists like Ivan Smirnov or Amir Faramarzian. Im thinking a composition of a bunch of fantasy characters around a table/studio doing some activity reminiscent of a roleplaying game, perhaps reading a fantastical book with cool dragon pictures, mapping a dungeon or gazing at a board with miniature figurines. I dont want them to be playing TTRPG, i want them to be doing an activity (adequate to their context) reminiscent of TTRPGs.

I think overall the scene should focus on the concepts of creating your own character, weapon, spells, enemies, dungeons, etc. as well as the idea of gameplay pillars consisting of roleplaying and combat and exploration of fantastical places.

Writing down stuff i might want to see in the picture so i dont forget about it:

  • Reading a book
  • Looking at cool fantasy pictures
  • Board with figurines
  • Dungeon maps
  • Arguing over the table
  • Weapons laying around
  • Perhaps it takes place in a tavern
  • Or in a deep dark cave / dungeon
  • Or in the forest
  • Candle light
  • Dramatic chiaroscuro??
  • A smol character
Gotta love em wizards with eyes in a dark void for a face...

Im thinking of an alternate composition, somewhat more traditional, representing an epic scene.

  • A knight outside a castle, arriving after a long travel
  • A wizard in his study
  • Druid in between the trees looking at the viewer
  • Company of adventurers travelling through a beautiful landscape (lotr-ey)
  • Perhaps just a landscape, no characters
  • Epic kraken sea fight scene
  • Character creating a golem or smthn like that (represents creation, the main aspect of the game)
  • Could be something similar but the scene features a smith and a mage creating their weapons
  • Epic "travelling through unkown wilds" scene, kinda arabesque alien vibe??
  • Pedestal scene, characters find treasure
  • A night scene with a bunch of ghosts roaming menacingly, character hiding from em
  • A character traveling with their companion, creatures can be seen on the front plane stalking em.
  • Maybe the focus of the composition could be a giant creature/enemy hoarding a treasure or something

I'll ponder around this brainstorm concepts and then i will sketch some thumbnails (perhaps on paper, which will be scanned afterwards).